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Data By the Bay is the first Data Grid conference matrix with 6 vertical application areas  spanned by multiple horizontal data pipelines, platforms, and algorithms.  We are unifying data science and data engineering, showing what really works to run businesses at scale.
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Shivon Zillis

Shivon is a partner and founding member of Bloomberg Beta, a $75 million venture fund backed by Bloomberg L.P. that invests in startups transforming the future of work. Bloomberg Beta has an unusual model for a corporate-backed venture fund. It invests for financial return and strives to work in the same new ways as startups -- transparent (with its full operating manual open sourced) and driven by data (with a program to statistically predict who will start companies in the future). Shivon is obsessed with the most important force changing work, machine intelligence. She is known for an annual report that researches thousands of machine intelligence companies and selects the most promising real-world problems they are solving. Bloomberg Beta has invested in more than 25 machine intelligence companies and expects to invest in many more. Shivon focuses on enterprise intelligence (Alation, Context Relevant, Domino Data Lab, Digital Genius, InfluxData, Gridspace, Wonder) and specific applications of machine intelligence to industries (e.g., agriculture with Tule Technologies and Mavrx, healthcare with Deep Genomics). She graduated from Yale, where she was the goalie on the ice hockey team. She is an ML7 Fellow at the Creative Destruction Lab (a machine learning incubator at University of Toronto), on the advisory board of University of Alberta's Machine Learning group, advisor to OpenAI, and a charter member of C100. She co-hosts an annual conference at the University of Toronto that brings together the foremost authors, academics, founders, and investors in machine intelligence. She was one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Venture Capital.