Data By the Bay has ended
Data By the Bay is the first Data Grid conference matrix with 6 vertical application areas  spanned by multiple horizontal data pipelines, platforms, and algorithms.  We are unifying data science and data engineering, showing what really works to run businesses at scale.
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Roman Shaposhnik

Palo Alto
A member of the lost tribes of Sun microsystems (still wöndering in the valley) Co-founder & CHO @ZEDEDAEdge VP Legal, Board @TheASF & @LF_Edge AKA 谢罗文 @ 阿帕奇 Roman is a well known and acknowledged expert and visionary in Open Source strategy and execution. When co-founding ZEDEDA, he put open source technology at the core of a new industrial computing paradigm -- securing edge compute hardware as if it were part of your cloud-native ecosystem. In addition to making contributions to open source projects across a wide spectrum of technology, including active contributions to Alpine Linux and Project EVE, Roman is on the board of directors of LF Edge, and is VP Legal at the Apache Software Foundation.