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Data By the Bay is the first Data Grid conference matrix with 6 vertical application areas  spanned by multiple horizontal data pipelines, platforms, and algorithms.  We are unifying data science and data engineering, showing what really works to run businesses at scale.
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Petros Giannikopoulos

President & Cofounder
I am one of the co-founders of Driver, a start-up in San Francisco that is empowering cancer patients to gain access to new therapies through an innovative, patient-facing, genomics platform. Our team's mission is simple: to accelerate drug development through radical patient engagement. At Driver I serve as the company's President and Laboratory Director, but I spend most of my time looking for and recruiting talented engineers and data scientists who want to join our effort.

By way of background, I'm a native Californian. After graduating from medical school, I completed my clinical training in anatomic, pediatric pathology and molecular pathology, and as a molecular fellow at Harvard I pursued postdoctoral research in next-generation cancer genomics at the Broad Institute.