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Data By the Bay is the first Data Grid conference matrix with 6 vertical application areas  spanned by multiple horizontal data pipelines, platforms, and algorithms.  We are unifying data science and data engineering, showing what really works to run businesses at scale.
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Richard Downe

VP of Data Science
Palo Alto, CA
I enjoy working on interesting problems, and have tried to work on a wide variety thereof. These have included FPGA design at IBM's Watson labs in Yorktown Heights, NY, research into the progression of coronary artery disease (focusing on image segmentation and ML prediction of disease changes) in grad school at the University of Iowa, and NLP analysis, first of medical literature at IBM's Almaden lab in California, and subsequently on the law at Casetext.

I am not a lawyer, but in 2.5 years working on cataloguing the law and analyzing its structure, I believe I've come to know many of the challenges and opportunities presented by this work.

In my free time I like to cook, cycle, and ski, and am trying to become a decent surfer.